Team French Paws

Lise : Founder & Owner, proud dog Mum, world traveller, avid animal lover, french fries fanatic. Always looking for ways to make things better.

Emelyne : Visual Content and Media Manager, a huge fan of visual & photography, Emelyne has been adopted by the digital sphere of design advertising and media. Creative and sociable, she linked two hobbies in one job! Sharing visual content through Social Media. 


He likes the CEO title. He is the boss and he knows it. Always ready for a belly rub. He has his very own passport and follows his Mom, Lise, wherever she goes. He has lived in 5 different countries.


The youngest member of our company. His sense of style reveals its Parisian roots. His cuteness and personality naturally made him Head of PR. He loves everyone and everyone loves him.


Originally from Spain, like the rest of the family she is also an avid world traveller. She has an acute sense of smell and audition, which she uses to detect any good food or hear you open the fridge, from miles away.